About Sogepo

SOGEPO is a family company specialized in the manufacture of injection molded and thermoformed plastic horticultural pots, and is based in Saint Trivier sur Moignans, 30 km north of Lyon. 95% of the production is made of recycled plastics.

The short term objective of SOGEPO is to be able to offer a complete range of plastic supports, injection molded or thermoformed, for horticultural professionals throughout Europe.
For France we have a complementary range (wholesale) which enables us to be able to meet the majority of demands.


All the products manufactured by our company are marked with the following logo: sogepo


History in a nutshell:

After the war, Messrs George and Raymond Vincent launch the production of clay pots for horticultural purposes in Villeurbanne, near Lyon.

  • 1963: creation of the company SOGEPO Vincent Frères (Sogepo, Vincent Bros.).
  • 1977: opening of a second production site in Saint Trivier sur Moignans.
  • 1985: closing of the factory in Villeurbanne and first production of plastic injection molded pots.
    At that time the company was directed by Messrs Roger and Jean-Claude Vincent.
  • 2008: no longer production of clay pots and start of production of a range of thermoformed polystyrene square pots.
  • 2009: widening of the thermoformed range, with the arrival of round pots diameters 9, 10.5, 12 and 13 cm made of polystyrene in black or in bicolor and the arrival of a first range of trays.

To date SOGEPO is still directed by the family Vincent, Didier and Laurent. (3rd generation).